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Graham calls cartels, Taliban, China ‘winners’ in Biden administration

New York Post 23 Jun 2021
Drug cartels in Mexico, human traffickers and coyotes in Mexico, the Taliban in Afghanistan, the Iranian ayatollah, Russia, [Russian President Vladimir] Putin, and China have all been the biggest winners of incompetent domestic and foreign policy,” the senator added.

GOP filibuster halts Democrats' signature voting bill in Senate

Missoulian 23 Jun 2021
The senator often introduces bills related to education and foreign affairs, according to GovTrack ... Richard Blumenthal has been outspoken about America’s foreign policy goals, particularly around issues involving Iraq and Russia ... He ran for president in 2016 and is known for conservative stances on American foreign policy.

US Sanctions Powerless to Sway Russia's Foreign, Domestic Policies - Ambassador

Urdu Point 22 Jun 2021
... Russia which has proven that threats and blackmail are powerless to sway its foreign and domestic policies, Russian Ambassador to the US Anatoly Antonov told reporters ... Sanctions are helpless to affect Russia's foreign policy as well as its domestic policy," Antonov said.

Here's why 'liberal' media is pushing an 'America First' message — and a new Cold War

Alternet 22 Jun 2021
Joe Biden likes to think of himself as a foreign policy specialist. If he listens to the laptop warriors in the media who want him to "pivot" belligerently toward China and Russia, an adventurist foreign policy will undermine the Democrats' domestic agenda and doom his administration quicker than you can say "LBJ."

India forced to ease anti-China policies

Business Line 22 Jun 2021
For India, Galwan upended our foreign policy calculations ... Significantly, one of Biden’s first major foreign ... Many foreign policy analysts now are suggesting Biden should ease back on the confrontation with Russia and focus on China as its true rival in the global Numero Uno stakes.

EU extends sanctions against Russia over illegal annexation of Crimea

Anadolu Agency 21 Jun 2021
EU foreign ministers on Monday decided to extend economic sanctions against Russia over illegal annexation of Crimea and Sevastopol for another year ... Last week, EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell revealed his proposal for guiding the bloc’s relations with Russia.

British Embassy Denies Reported Agreement With Belgrade Against Russian Influence

Radio Free Europe 21 Jun 2021
Asked by RFE/RL to clarify Britain's position with regard to Russia, an embassy representative pointed to the public strategy document known as the Integrated Review of Foreign Policy and Defense -- a review by the British government into the foreign, defense, security, and ...

Russia Tells U.S. To Expect ‘Uncomfortable’ Signals Ahead Of Putin-Biden Summit

OWP 21 Jun 2021
foreign policy has historically not taken into account factors such as Russia’s history, geography, culture and security needs ... According to the RIA news agency, Sergei Ryabkov, Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister, was quoted as saying, “The Americans must assume that a number of ...

Please! Someone Set Biden Straight on China ‘Squeezing’ Russia

Antiwar 21 Jun 2021
statesman be unaware? How is it that foreign policy "experts" could be telling Biden that the US can still try to play Russia and China off against each other amid the radically changed "correlation of forces" today?.

The media bought Vladimir Putin’s flattering lies: Devine

New York Post 21 Jun 2021
During the feeble foreign-policy era of the Obama administration, Psaki and her hapless boss, Kerry, were trolled mercilessly by Russia’s urbane and tricky Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, who was by Putin’s side inside last week’s summit in Geneva, sizing up Biden and his ...

US-Russia summit short of reset in ties

Straits Times 21 Jun 2021
Yet, a combination of its status as successor state to the erstwhile Soviet Union, its military might, and the activist and often muscular foreign policy directed by President Vladimir Putin has helped to keep Russia a key global player ... With foreign policy experience that dates ...

Biden pits Russia against China

Taipei Times 21 Jun 2021
Russia used to be a member of the G8 industrialized countries, but its membership was revoked after it instigated a referendum on Crimean independence in 2014 ... During his US presidential campaign last year, Biden wrote an article outlining his ideas on foreign policy ... However, there is presently no obvious conflict between Russia and China.

What Does Biden’s Summit Spree Tell Us About the Future of U.S. Empire?

GlobalResearch 21 Jun 2021
Biden has a long history of hostility towards Russia ... Biden described his policy towards Russia as “strategic stability” ... foreign policy, and its ability to achieve this was key to its success in the original Cold War ... The Biden administration is pursuing a foreign policy completely at odds with the interests of workers in the United States.

Author of Book About Putin Says West Treats Russian President as Fictional Character

Urdu Point 21 Jun 2021
Why Europe Needs Russia" ("Putins Macht. Warum Europa Russland braucht," published in 2021 by Hoffmann & Campe, Hamburg), Seipel analyzes Russia's foreign policy in the recent years and its implications for the relations between Moscow and the West, as well as for the crisis-ridden international relations on the global scale.